Ram Gopal Varma creates new controversy by posting pictures of random NUDE WOMEN!

Ram Gopal Varma is the favored child of controversy and he tried it once more. Yes, he has recently put up a set of pictures featuring random nude women. Famous for posting controversial tweets, this controversial director of Bollywood use to perform such things with a mindset to stick around in the word.

In his post on Instagram, he shared multiple pictures of women posing naked alongside wild animals.


The first photo of his station is featuring a woman wearing no clothes in the center of a desert with just a great part of jewelry around her cervix. She is sitting with a lion standing beside her and captioned it as- “The Power of Beauty”.

He soon reposts this photo and wrote – “I deliberately misdescribed in my earlier post as panther and sea and People pounced on me it’s cheetah and desert proving the Bruce Lee saying ” The majority look only at the finger pointing to the moon and ignore the moon”

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