Employees absent from duty continuously for a year without leave will not be allowed to rejoin government services.

Punjab Absentees from duty under legal action of Punjab Government for a year, while not leave, are thought of as “deemed resigned”, official sources aforementioned on Tuesday

“Such officers/employee won’t be allowed to rejoin government service. The competent authority involved can issue immediate orders to terminate the services of those absentees as per the principles, failing that the authority involved are command accountable,” a government voice aforementioned.

The Finance Department has issued directions during this regard.

He aforementioned the strict action has been contemplated to enforce discipline in offices so there’s no disruption in delivery of public services owing to traveler employees.

Many workers in varied departments have remained absent from duty for the past few years. Most go abroad on sanctioned leave for a brief length then again keep it up seeking extension in left. Even in cases wherever leave isn’t sanctioned, such workers don’t rejoin duty.

In some cases, traveler workers have even settled abroad once availing of permanent residency and citizenship of different countries, however, haven’t resigned from their government jobs.

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