“Don’t just listen to my songs; listen to any song which you feel would make a change in your life

“Don’t simply hear my songs; hear any song that you’re feeling would build a modification in your life. Hear songs from that you’ll produce a world of yours. Support all real artists,” says singer Guru Randhawa, whose song “Suit Suit” in Irrfan Khan’s Hindi Medium was loved by music lovers. At a time once his contemporaries are pleading music lovers to pay attention to their latest songs, such words of appreciating real talent from the young singer return off as a surprise.

With his new found success, the 25-year-old young singer – loved by millennials for Punjabi tracks Yaar Mod Do, Patola, and Fashion – would love to form a brand new song on the suit once more. “If an actor fits in our budget, I might prefer to feature Sonam Kapoor.”

As a child, he invariably needed to be a singer. “From the terribly starting, I used to be clear that it might invariably be music on behalf of me.”

The singer was within the Capital recently for promoting his new single High Rated Gabru.

Excerpts from an interview

On his musical journey

God created it all work. I even have devoted my heart and soul to music from the terribly starting. I return from a little village in Gurdaspur district. I started writing since I used to be in class. however, I didn’t get any recognition then.

The songs you hear currently were truly written long back by me in those days. Initially, folks aforesaid my songs wouldn’t catch attention, however, I didn’t quit. It’s all as regarding creating efforts and golf stroke your heart into it.

On hardships, he has faced

People ne’er rejected me; record labels did. however, T-Series signed me; we tend to work along as a family.Many artists return and go however God makes it all work. It’s all his blessings and selection.

On entering into rapping

I am not a rapper. and that I believe folks don’t seem to be even clear on the entire plan of rap or what it signifies. it is a genre of music. I can’t be a rapper as a result of it’s not in the American state. I even have invariably been a singer, that’s why I’ll stick with singing.

On having his say in videos

Yes, I do offer my inputs. I don’t apprehend a lot of regarding acting and shots, therefore I attempt to perceive a lot of and be as concerned as doable. and that I believe that’s, however, a creative person will kind AN affinity with the product-in-making.

On his plans to act in a very movie industry film

If I purchase an opportunity, why not! actually, I even have signed a movie already, if everything goes well, it’ll be free shortly, perhaps towards the tip of 2017.

But I don’t need to compromise on my singing or drop its level so as to start out acting.

I want to be told it initial and take acting and singing hand-in-hand. it’s important to be told. and that I attempt to learn from everything around me. I learn from traveling, even from interviews, a way to move your answers.

On singers, he listens to

I hear Justin Bieber lately as a result of his songs have started creating sense latterly. I’m not talking regarding his “Baby” variety of songs (laughs). I conjointly hear Salim Merchant, Bruno Mars.

On making an attempt out fusion or music

Not at all! I’m pleased with my music. however you ne’er realize the journey of music, sometime if I believe a couple of songs which fits with Jazz, perhaps I’ll attempt that.

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