Monsoon is ready to come , better to prepare yourself

Putting in fashionable raincoats, jelly-based footwear and
updating security with waterproof phone covers to stay throughout the monsoon season.

Harleen Kaur Jawanda, Chief commercialism Officer at Trendybharat has recommended a couple of accessories:

on July 7, 2011 in London, England. Parts of the United Kingdom are experiencing un-seasonal rain showers.

* Raincoats: recently raincoats are on the market in attractive patterns, colors, and materials. there’s no dearth of fashionable and classy rainwear on-line, wherever you’ll select from balloon raincoats, rain ponchos, clear raincoats in an exceeding sort of bright and neon shades.

Shoes: Unpredictable puddles, muddy streets and therefore the soggy streets aren’t ideal for fashionable stilettos or kitten heals. So, it’s necessary to settle on your footwear well. Jelly flats, funky flip flops or bright and glossy gumboots are your best friends.

* Bags: Monsoon isn’t the simplest time to flaunt your expensive leather and put baggage because the rain may harm them. opt for nylon or plastic tote baggage which might keep all of your possessions dry and safe once it pours. clear handbags will up your vogue quotient whereas keeping all of your things dry and safe.

* Umbrellas: the planet of umbrellas isn’t thus starkly black any longer with an excellent vary of colorful umbrellas in lovely styles. The foldaway umbrellas are compact and are simple to hold around.

* Waterproof phone covers: Mobile, the most essential -part of everyone’s life, shield them from the rain with waterproof phone covers.

* Scarves: Scarves is the largest saviors and that they are less cumbersome compared to dupattas. lovely prints in myriad colors are obtainable in scarves and are out there in numerous materials like cotton, mulmul, and chiffon.

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