The GST Council increased the cess on cigarettes by as much as 31%

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council, throughout its nineteenth meeting on Monday, has set to extend the cess applied on cigarettes by the maximum amount as thirty-first in bound classes, effective from July eighteen.

The cess on this stuff is over and higher than the twenty-eighths, GST rate applied to them. This was the sole item on the agenda for the meeting.

“In respect of cigarettes, the furniture Committee had suggested that in line with the weighted average VAT rate [28.7%] the GST rate on cigarettes could also be unbroken at twenty-eighths,” the official statement aforementioned. “In addition, Compensation Cess could also be levied on cigarettes at rates up to 1.05 times the precise excise duty rates [net of NCCD].

“However, this methodology of calibrating the compensation cess failed to take into thought the cascading of taxes [that is within the earlier regime VAT being charged on worth inclusive of the excise duty],” the statement value-added. “As a result, the overall tax incidence on cigarettes within the GST regime has return down, as compared to the overall tax within the pre-GST regime.”

The statement aforementioned that whereas any reduction in the tax incidence on things of mass consumption would be welcome, constant would be unacceptable within the case of demerit product like cigarettes.

Therefore, it set to extend the compensation cess on all cigarettes. for instance, non-filtered cigarettes not surpassing 65mm long can see the cess levied on them increase from this five-hitter + Rs.1591 per thousand to five + Rs.2076 per thousand. The filtered variants of cigarettes of this size can witness constant amendment within the cess levied

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