Fuel tanker costs 153 lives in Pakistan

Oil tanker crash in Bahawalpur, Pakistan, 153 people killed in the explosion.

The truck veered off the road once the driving force lost management, police official Muhammad Akhtar told CNN.because the tanker weekday on the side of the road, fuel began leaky go into massive pools.

Shortly afterward an explosion molding the container open sort of a tin can, engulfing everything round the truck, together with ladies and youngsters, in line with the government-run Associated Press of West Pakistan. Many victims died right away, whereas others succumbed to their injuries at hospitals.

The explosion happened Sunday morning as many individuals from close villages, in addition to employees at a mango garden — several of them driving cars or motorcycles — rush to gather the fuel in pots, in line with APP.

Nishtar Hospital, wherever several of the wounded were taken, same quite one hundred individuals were harmed within the blast. Bahawal Victoria Hospital aforesaid it absolutely was treating forty victims, all of whom had suffered burns on a minimum of seventieth of their bodies.

Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital Dr. Javed Iqbal told CNN the cost had up to 153 individuals as of Monday afternoon. At the scene of the blast, photos showed the tanker enclosed by the husks of burned-out motorbikes and vehicles, their windows and tires liquefied off from the warmth.

According to APP, the explosion destroyed seventy-five motorbikes and 6 vehicles. Bodies were the force from cars and a motorbike ricksha. A state of emergency was declared in Bahawalpur, Punjab provincial government representative Salman Sufi aforesaid.

Police speculate on cause

It’s not best-known what causes the wreck to ignite, however, some individuals gathering at the scene began smoking cigarettes and using their cell phones to tell friends and relatives of the crash.

“Cell phones lead to ignition of the fireplace,” Haroon-ur-Rasheed, a former police official mentioned in line with APP.

Officers with Police urged villagers to remain away from the vehicle, however to no avail, police sources told APP.

25,000 liters of fuel was present in the tanker, from Karachi to Lahore, roughly 440 kilometers, northeast of Bawalpahur.

Mohammad Shabbir, a villager, mentioned, vehicle’s driver had warned people to stay far from the truck but everyone ignored.

“What is that the utilization of this petrol? what’s planning to you’re doing it now?” he asked.

It further that the road had been reopened that traffic had begun to flow yet again.

‘Deep grief’

Shortly when the accident, West Pakistan Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif “expressed deep grief over the serious loss of life.”

“The Prime Minister has directed the provincial government to produce full medical help to the contused with burns,” a press release from his workplace aforesaid. “The Prime Minister has expressed sympathies with the grief-stricken families and prayed for the departed souls.”

Imran Khan, tweeted that the blaze was “a national tragedy of epic proportions.”
The politician and former cricketer aforesaid he had asked native leadership to assess what help may well be provided to the harmed and victims’ families.

“We are thus saddened to listen to of the terrible tanker accident in #Bahawalpur,” it said. “Our deep condolences to the families and adored ones of the victims.”

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