Planing for Dubai: beware of these don’ts

Dubai is taken into account one in all the foremost lenient and multi-ethnic places in UAE, however, you are doing ought to conduct yourself during a sure approach. what’s thought-about OK in your home country is also a punishable offense in Dubai. therefore it’s a decent plan to remember the foundations and rules before traveling there. Here may be a list of things to observe out for:

1. Drinking publically
Foreign nationals will drink alcohol within the house if they acquire the specified license. you’ll conjointly drink at hotels that have a license, however, do keep in mind that being drunk whereas within the public area isn’t a decent plan. you’ll even be punished for it.

2. No drugs

Dubai encompasses a no-tolerance policy towards drug possession and trade. Even sure prescribed medicines are thought-about illegal. There have conjointly been cases once folks have flown into Dubai and have tested positive for marijuana that they took before the flight.

3. Don’t dance on the road

Shrill music and showing off your dance moves on the roads are a few things to not attempt in Dubai. Reserve your moonwalk for the floor.

4. Photography
Be careful once taking photos. it’s thought-about ill-mannered to click photos of residents there, significantly girls.

5. No PDA
Express love for that special one among the ambit of your space. a while back, a British couple was sent to jail for having sex on the beach (not the favored drink). However, even less intimate displays of feeling will land you in hassle.

6. Mind your language

Don’t abuse publically as vulgar language will undoubtedly land you in hassle. conjointly creating derogative comments concerning Islam will land you in jail. Avoid creating negative comments concerning the upper class.

7. Keep your garments on
On the beach or within the swimming bath, sporting appropriate swimwear is allowed, however, girls should not go topless. Also, men ought to have their T-shirts on once on the streets or maybe whereas understanding within the park.

8. Clothing

Dubai encompasses a nice sense of favor with the simplest designer labels accessible, however, you must avoid flashing an excessive amount of skin publically.

9. LGBT problems

Cross dressing and having sexual relations outside of a traditional heterosexual wedding is illegitimate here.

10. Eating throughout Ramadan

You should not eat, drink or smoke publically throughout Ramadan, once fast is on from morning to evening.

11. The ‘Left Hand’

One shouldn’t greet folks with a left shake, open doors with it or provide folks things along with your mitt. And what if you’re a lefty? Well, we recommend you begin practicing together with your right hand!

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