“Super good,” he says in the video that has gone viral on Chinese social media

A businessperson in China came up with an awfully original (and rather strange) plan to spice up sales. the person put his 8-year-old son into a combine of stockings to demonstrate a top quality of the garment. and so created a promotional video of it for his customers.

The video begins with the daddy wanting into the camera and asking “how’s the quality?”. He then goes on to show the sturdiness of the merchandise by bouncing him up and down, proving that the stockings will take his weight.

“Super sensible,” he says within the video that has gone viral on Chinese social media.
According to People’s Daily China, the man, known as Mr. Cheng comes from Henan in Central China. He told Chinese media that it’s become more and more exhausting to sell things currently and that is, however, he came up with the thought. He reportedly asked his girl to shoot the video.

“It was throughout the busy season. plenty of my customers shared it. somebody printed it on-line and it became fashionable,” he said.

However, many on social media discovered that it had been cruel of the daddy to use his son as a prop for the sake of promotions.

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